Heidelberg-based Biomex GmbH has been a reliable partner for the diagnostics industry worldwide for over 30 years.

Our focus is on the supply of human plasma, negative or positive, also in larger quantities, as well as on the supply of individual patient samples.

Our goal: To solve the procurement problems of our customers

For our customers we solve problems that go far beyond the mere delivery of products. We procure clinical samples worldwide, such as Dengue & Chikungunya samples from freshly infected people in Africa, all HIV subtypes or follow-up samples from Lyme patients.

Unique infrastructure

Over 90% of the plasma is drawn by ourselves at our plasma donation centers in Heidelberg and München. As a customer, you have online, real-time access to our entire sample inventory, consisting of over 450,000 blood and plasma samples and more than 50,000 FFPE tissue blocks.

Quality services

In addition, we offer a wide range of services such as the complete execution of CTS testing of List A products including the creation of test protocols and reports, the investigation of stability data, the production of Lot Release Panels and much more.

Since 2019 Biomex GmbH holds a special license to export Disease State Plasma and patient samples to China.

What can we do for you?

Please feel free to contact us at or directly at +49 6221 4166-0.