Social Commitment

Support of the Addiction and Youth Welfare Association

The non-profit association Sucht- & Jugendhilfe e.V. based in Lübeck, has set itself the task of reporting on the themes of addiction and violence among young people in a differentiated and unbiased manner. Children, young people and their parents nationwide need to be informed about such problems.

In addition, the association publishes a monthly magazine entitled  “SUCHT-HILFE” (Addiction Assistance), which deals with various aspects of addiction and violence. Education and targeted prevention occupy a leading role in the individual editions. The guides are financed by donations and are then distributed to schools and vocational schools nationwide free of charge.
The objective: To inform children and youths, as well as their parents, teachers and educators urgently about the various dangers of addiction and sensitize them accordingly, so that they can then provide immediate help. The idea behind this: Only those who are informed can also have a preventive effect on children and youths.

Biomex GmbH supports the important work of the addiction and youth welfare association financially through donations. Further information about the association can be found at


Donation to the Goethe Corona Fund of the Goethe University and Frankfurt University Hospital

The idea of ​​the Goethe Corona Fund originated during the first days of the pandemic: Researchers should be supported immediately and unbureaucratically through donations so that they can make their contribution towards overcoming the covid crisis. Combining forces and providing competent help - more than 2000 private individuals, foundations and companies have now involved themselves in supporting this goal.

Since the Goethe Corona Fund of the Goethe University has made an important contribution to research surrounding SARS-CoV-2 with great success, those responsible now feel particularly committed to international solidarity. Considering this, urgent support for the covid emergency assistance towards India was called for at the suggestion of the scientific community on the Riedberg campus. Biomex GmbH has responded to this call and is supporting covid emergency assistance for India.  

You can find more information about this here: COVID emergency assistance for India.


Friends of the Waldparkschule Heidelberg

We regularly support the Friends of the Waldparkschule in Heidelberg

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Support of Intact

Intact speaks out against the hysterectomy of girls and women around the world.

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Donation for earthquake victims in Nepal

The devastating earthquake of April 2015 sparked a wave of helpfulness. We provide assistance through "Future for Nepals's children e.V."

You can find more information about this here:

Travel report August-September 2019




Oldtimer rally

The Allgäu Orient Rally took place in 2015.
The second largest oldtimer rally in the world is not just a fun event, since it also supports a good cause.

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Support for the Island Trust through calendar sales

The Island Trust was founded over 30 years ago with the aim of supporting Indians forcibly displaced from Sri Lanka to the Nilgiris and integrating them better into the community there.
The Island Trust has now assumed a wide range of support tasks. At the moment they are mainly conducting educational work on climate change, HIV / STDs and the care of HIV-infected / affected individuals and families.
They are also active in supporting the indigenous people in their remote villages and are committed to equal rights for women and improving educational opportunities for children from poor families and tribal villages.