OEM test systems for various infectious diseases

Biomex offers control panels without manufacturer's label for in vitro studies, quality management tasks or product development. The sample tubes can be used directly in all common analytical instruments without prior pipetting. The contained antibodies are stable at 2-8° C and derived from 100% human plasma. According to the serological requirements there are assays from the infection areas blood bank, ToRCH, pediatrics and hepatitis.


Further details about the OEM test kit can be found in our flyer.

Freshly frozen apheresis plasma

Human blood plasma from healthy donors is an important source material for the production of many drugs and for research. Biomex has several own donation centers and is therefore able to supply both bulk quantities and small quantities of negatively tested blood plasma. Each plasma sample is tested for antibodies against HIV 1, HIV 2, hepatitis B and C and other viral markers. The freshly collected plasma is gently frozen to - 40° C under laboratory conditions and can then be stored for years at - 20° C without loss of quality.


You can find more about shock frozen fresh plasma in our flyer.

New validation panels for various HCV assays

Manufacturers of in-vitro diagnostics must regularly check their medical test kits and validate the results obtained. For this purpose, so-called validation panels are absolutely necessary, with which important analysis parameters such as LOD (limit of detection) or LOQ (limit of quantification) can be determined and checked. In the field of hepatitis C diagnostics, Biomex offers a range of new validation and seroconversion samples that can be used to advance product development and ensure compliance with quality standards.


More information about available HCV panels can be found in our flyer.

Processed high quality human plasma

Biomex is not only a supplier of freshly collected apheresis plasma, but also a manufacturer of high-quality, individually processed human plasma that can be used as a matrix for further laboratory and in vitro applications. Through a special production process, different qualities of plasma are generated, which can be used in different ways depending on the requirements. Specifically, the customer can choose from defibrinated, diafiltered, delipidated or activated carbon treated plasma and thus has exactly the right plasma for his application. In this way, the user receives the plasma quality he needs for his individual laboratory analysis and can avoid incorrect calibrations as far as possible.


You can find our available plasma qualities in our flyer.