Research & Development

Left-over samples

Clinical samples

Matched sets

Seroconversion panels

Mixed titer panels

ZeptoMetrix panels

Tissue samples

Studies & Validation

CTS serology and NAT panels
For the validation of HIV, HBV, HCV in-vitro diagnostics according to general technical specifications (CTS) compliant with EC Directive 98/79/EC and the European Regulation 2017/746 (IVDR).
  ▪ Diagnostic sensitivity:
     - Genotype/subtype panels 
     - Seroconversion panels
     - Positive samples
  ▪ Analytical sensitivity
  ▪ Diagnostic specificity

Diagnostic specificity (not CTS)
  ▪ Negative samples
  ▪ Hospitalized patient panels
  ▪ Cross-reaction panels (RF+,
    HAMA, pregnant women,...)
  ▪ Cross-contamination panels
  ▪ Serum/Plasma
    equivalence panels
  ▪ Inhibition panel
    (endogenous factors:
    hemolytic, lipemic,
  ▪ Blood bank marker panels

Quality Control

Release panels for quality control​​​​​
  ▪ Positive 
    (low, medium, high range)
  ▪ Negative 
    (no virus, no analyte)
  ▪ Threshold determination
    (Values in range between
    detection limit and
    clinical decision point)

Linearity panels

Samples for round robin tests (for external quality assessment)


Positively tested bulk material
  ▪ Various degrees of disease
  ▪ Infectious diseases
  ▪ Autoimmunology,...

Negatively tested bulk material
  ▪ No virus, no analyte
  ▪ For diagnostic controls
    / calibrator

Processed plasma
  ▪ From coagulated whole
  ▪ Defibrinated, with activated
    charcoal treated,
  ▪ Diafiltered and / or
    ultrafiltered human serum

Purified analytes - Cancer antigens

Serological controls as OEM

Raw materials
  ▪ Human plasma derivatives
  ▪ Albumins of animal


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