Consistent quality and permanent ability to deliver at a competitive price are key requirements for you. With us you can test, reserve and call up the suitable lot as required. Contact us if you are looking for a special plasma derivative or serum that you cannot find here.

Human plasma derivates:

Human Plasma
Human gamma globulin
Human Albumin - Solution Diagnostics grade
Human Albumin - Lyophilisate Diagnostics grade
Human Serum

Albumin of animal origin


Bovine serum albumin BF-0010 30% solution, low sodium, polymer enhanced
Bovine serum albumin BF-0020 30% solution, polymer enhanced, salt adjusted
Bovine serum albumin BM-0015 30% solution, preservative free
Bovine serum albumin BP-0030 30% solution, highly polymerized
Bovine serum albumin BP-0040 22% solution, polymer enhanced


Bovine serum albumin BF-0080 lyophilized, pH 7 Standard grade, low salt
Bovine serum albumin BF-0081 lyophilized, protease free, IgG free
Bovine serum albumin BM-0082 lyophilized, pH 7 Standard grade, low endotoxin
Bovine serum albumin BP-0083 lyophilized, pH 5,2 Standard grade, low salt, low electrolyte
Bovine serum albumin BP-0085 lyophilized, fatty acid free, protease free
Bovine serum albumin BP-0090 lyophilized, Sulfhydryl sites blocked, protease free