Processed negative plasma

Biomex offers high quality human plasma for diagnostic controls and calibrators. Our processed plasmas are defibrinated, diafiltered, treated with activated carbon or delipidated. A combination of different procedures is possible. All products are sterile filtered before filling and produced according to cGMP with regular quality controls.


Processed negative human plasma:                                                                                               

Defibrinated - Defibrination is the process of initiating the previously inhibited coagulation of human plasma. This separates the fibrin and fibrinogen from the human plasma so that there is no interference with the clotting process during use and further processing.

Defibrinated and diafiltered - Diafiltration is used to remove excess electrolytes from the product due to defibrination. The electrolyte concentrations of calcium, sodium and chloride are then adjusted to a physiological level.

Defibrinated and delipidated - To enable the preparation of lipid-sensitive controls and calibrators, the processed human plasma is additionally delipidated. This reduces the lipid (cholesterol, triglycerides) and lipoprotein (HDL, LDL) concentrations to a minimum.

Defibrinated, delipidated and treated with activated carbon - Treatment with activated carbon removes non-specific hormones from the plasma. Thus, the processed human plasma can also be used as a matrix for hormone-sensitive controls and calibrators.