Diagnostic Specificity

In order to validate diagnostic specificity for assays that need not be tested according to the comprehensive specifications of the CTS, we also offer a variety of different panels: 

  • Cross-reaction panels (RF+, HAMA,...)
  • Inhibition panels (endogenous factors)
  • Negative samples
  • Hospitalized patient panels
  • Cross-contamination panels
  • Serum/Plasma equivalence panels
  • Blood bank marker panels

In the tables below you can find an overview of our cross-reaction and inhibition panels. For all other concerns, please contact us directly: salesno-spam@biomex.de.


Cross-reaction panels

Our cross-reaction panels allow to select a specific combination of various potential cross-reactants.
The panels are available in different pack sizes for one (ABC-001), five (ABC-005) or ten (ABC-010) sample sets from healthy donors. If desired, we can also offer larger packaging units (ABC-XXX).

Order no.ProductVolumes

General test panels
•   Rheumatoid factor
•   HAMA
•   Pregnant woman
•   Multipara
•   Hyper IgM, IgG
•   Dialysis patient
•   Recipient of an influenza vaccination (max. 6 months old)
1.0 mL
Blood bank marker panels (3-pack, 6-pack, or made-to-order)
•   Anti-HIV 1          •   Anti-HAV           •   Anti-HBs          •   Anti-HTLV I/II  
•   Anti-HCV           •   Anti-Syphilis      •   Anti-HBc         
•   HBsAg               •   Anti-CMV          •   Anti-Chagas          … and more*
1.0 mL

Herpes panels
•   Anti-HSV 1
•   Anti-HSV 2
•   Anti-VZV
•   Anti-EBV
•   Anti-CMV
•   Anti-HHV 6
•   Anti-HHV 7
•   Anti-HHV 8
1.0 mL

Hepatitis panels
•   Anti-HAV
•   HBsAg
•   Anti-HBs
•   Anti-HBc
•   Anti-HCV
•   Anti-HEV
1.0 mL

Negative plasma panels
Can be used to check the specificity of tests
•   Anti-HIV
•   Anti-HBs/HBsAg
•   Anti-HCV
•   Anti-CMV
•   Anti-HTLV I/II
•   Anti-Syphilis
… and more*
According to the regulatory requirements up to 5000 individuals
1.0 mL
* or contract production 


Inhibition panels

Our inhibition panels are used to detect inhibitory effects present in diagnostic tests and nucleic acid amplification techniques. These effects can be triggered by interfering substances that are generally found in serum, plasma and whole blood. We provide hemolytic, lipemic and icteric samples. Available from healthy donors in pack sizes of 5 or 10 sample sets in a volume of 1.0 mL. Larger pack contents are also available on request. We manufacture to order. 

Order no.Components (matrix: EDTA)Concentration range
IHH-005 (5 sample sets)
IHH-010 (10 sample sets)
IHH-XXX (customized)
Hemolytic negative control0.0 - 0.1 g/dL
Hemolytic plasma low* 0.5 - 0.7 g/dL
Hemolytic plasma medium*0.9 - 1.1 g/dL
Hemolytic plasma high*1.9 - 2.2 g/dL
Order no.Components (matrix: CPD)Concentration range

IHL-005 (5 sample sets)
IHL-010 (10 sample sets)
IHL-XXX (customized)
Lipemic negative control50 - 199.9 g/dL
Lipemic plasma low* 200 - 399.9 g/dL
Lipemic plasma medium*400 - 800 g/dL
Lipemic plasma high*400 - 800 g/dL
Order no.Components (matrix: CPD)Concentration range

IHI-005 (5 sample sets)
IHI-010 (10 sample sets)
IHI-XXX (customized)
Icteric negative controlto be defined
Icteric plasma low* 18 - 22 g/dL
Icteric plasma medium*38 - 42 g/dL
Icteric plasma high*58 - 62 g/dL
* native samples
** spiked samples