Operation of COVID-19 Rapid Test Centers

The Covid Occupational Safety and Health Ordinance was tightened by a resolution of the German Federal Government dated April 20, 2021. Now employers in Germany are obliged to offer employees, who cannot work from home, a covid test once per week.

Biomex GmbH sees itself not only as a supplier but also as a service partner to the diagnostics industry and is already operating covid rapid test centers for our customers.

We would be glad to organize and supervise test centers on your company premises in Germany that shall meet all the requirements of the Federal Government's resolution and shall be compliant with your operational requirements:

  • Offer to test all employees once weekly
  • In three shift operation
  • Documented
  • In compliance with all data protection requirements
  • Flexible working hours

Would your company like to set a good example and implement the Federal Government's resolution without any additional effort? Then we look forward to your inquiry.