Analytical Sensitivity/Specificity

Analytical sensitivity
Analytical sensitivity can be defined as the detection limit at which the smallest amount of the target marker that can be precisely detected is measured.
Biomex would be happy to take on the determination of the detection and quantification limits (LoD, LoB, LoQ), the linearity and the measuring range (defined by LoQ and linearity).

Analytical specificity
The analytical specificity describes the extent to which only the target marker can be detected exclusively with the procedure. Interference and cross-reaction studies are used to check how the presence of other substances/active ingredients in the sample can affect the analytical specificity. Cross-reactants may be in the form of analytes with similar structures, such as precursors, metabolites or related organisms. In contrast, interferences are endogenous (hemolytic, lipemic, icteric, RF +, HAMA).

Biomex assays tests for parameters of analytical specificity using panels it has produced itself. Contact us!