Approve your COVID19 antigen rapid test with validated clinical samples.

  • [Nov 18, 2020]

Biomex offers dry swabs of positive and negative patients from own collections, including clinical data. All donors were previously verified through a PCR test.

These swabs can be used for all Ag-Tests as they are dry swabs and thus extractable in any specific buffer. The swabs are stored frozen at -20°C.

Which type of swab are you looking for?

Depending on your requirement, Biomex offers COVID19 positive swabs with clinical data to approve your sensitivity as well as COVID19 negative swabs to approve your specificity. We have collected matched sets of oropharyngeal, nasopharyngeal, nasal swabs and saliva for you to choose from.

Additionally, our scientific team can perform an entire CE-conform testing in our laboratories.

Please contact us directly at or +49 6221 – 894 669-43 to get feedback regarding your specific needs.

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